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The Desert Monkeys

The Desert Monkeys The Desert Monkeys Band

Meet the new up and coming Desert Monkeys a band that have decided that the way forward in the music industry for them is to form an Arctic Monkeys Tribute band.

And why not!!

The Arctic Monkeys are one of the greatest indie/rock bands ever to form and with their constant chart success and fast selling albums the future for the young band can only get better,not to mention there fantastic live performences.

About us.

The Desert Monkeys formed in March 2009 and consists of four members at the moment Geoff (lead vocals and guitar), Jay (drums) , Lee (bass) and Jim (lead guitarist).

They're rehearsing in a club in Haydock St helens at the moment.The lads in the band have all met over the internet and had never played together before until now and are progressing real quick,so look out they're coming.Fuelled with raw ambition and with the talent to back it up you can expect big things from The Desert Monkeys.

We're ready for gigging now so anyone who loves the Arctic Monkeys and would like us to play for them just get in touch.You know you want to.What are you waiting for.Book us now and get ready to put on your dancing shoes!!!! 

Set list

We have ALL the following tunes in our vast library of music. However, if there are any particular songs that you would like played at your particular event please let us know in advance. Similarly, if there is anything that you do not see listed here, let us know.


Fake tales of san francisco

Old yellow bricks

Still take you home

When the sun goes down

Flurescent Adolescent

Cigarette smoker fiona

Bet that you look good on the dancefloor

Choo Choo

Teddy picker

Mardy bum


Dancing shoes

Certain romance


Do me a favour

Leave before the lights come on