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StreetCred - Information to be posted

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Streetcred: Shit On, Switch, Off Fuck Out

Streetcred once played hard-edged stoner rock with ambitious guitars and can now be found at the pinnacle of the emerging ‘very moderate rock’ scene.  Thanks to the good folks at you can hear for yourself where they were at, on the group’s third record Shit On, Switch Off, Fuck Out.  Cromwell Taught once said “The world is changing, and Streetcred are a part of that”.  If that is true, then it is perhaps important that you know who Streetcred are, they are:

Ken Cigarrette: Drums + Vox

Richard Cool: Guitar + Computer

Jonny the Dick: Bass + Guitar

Guido Fourchette: Guitar + Bass

Streetcred are on Rad-Listen Records, a Myspace based record label that is committed to making and releasing records (albeit CDs) of bands that the label likes (and that members generally perform in) – check out the myspace link

Streetcred3 c.jpg

Streetcred @ Myspace:

Tasty fanzine review of Shit On,Switch Off, Fuck Out: