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Iain-Vocals, Technology

Stace- Bass guitar

David- Guitar

Our songs are tales from a decadent future...

an underworld of glitz, grime and burnt-out circuits where nothing is ever fake enough.

Bio-Tech-Crisis or BTC came into being in early September 08,  a concept developed by two friends with a love of heavy industrial music.

Having played mainly in metal bands for many years, we decided to break out of the genre to create something different.

Instead of forming a typical rock lineup , we opted for an electronic approach. Mixing sampling and loops with live guitar and bass, gives us a distinctive synthetic edge that perfectly compliments our lyrical vision of an artificial world.

Although we have embraced technology, we still aim to pack our songs full of catchy rock hooks and capture the infectious intensity of metal in our sound.

Simply put- its electronic darkness that gets stuck in your head.